Social group for gay women in Leeds and Yorkshire

About us

Out in Yorkshire is a social group for lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer women, and women who are questioning their sexuality.  We are mostly based in Leeds but hope to spread throughout Yorkshire as time goes on.  We started in 2010 as a small group of women who wanted to create lovely, safe and inclusive spaces that were laid back, fun and welcoming.

Don’t want to come on your own?  Or want to bring your partner or friends?  Members are welcome to bring their partners and friends too (who are female, male, gay, bi, straight, or anything in between).  If you have children, feel free to bring them along to our regular cafe meet or to other child-friendly events.  We are a diverse group of women, so whoever you are, you’ll fit right in…

To keep up-to-date with our posts and events, check out our New News or sign up to our OiY Email Updates (on the right-hand side of this page) – all you need is an email address, which is kept completely confidential.

You can also join in with our online discussions – just fill in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box underneath the post that you’d like to contribute to.  When you reply, there’s space to leave your name and email address but only your name will be shown online.  If you’d like, you can use an anonymous username and leave the email address blank.  Don’t worry if your reply doesn’t appear right away – we get so excited when someone wants to leave a comment that we selfishly read it before sharing it on the site!

Comments on: "About us" (74)

  1. Clare wrightson said:

    Hi,just checked out ya website.Sounds like a nice group of women run it.Look forward to meeting new ppl with the same interests in a relaxed atmosphere

  2. Anonymous said:

    Hi Just joined

    Looking forward to meet up with you all


  3. Hi Lisa,

    We have a meet up this coming Saturday – hope you can make it! For details, check out the New News section or email outinyorkshire at yahoo dot co dot uk

    See you soon!

  4. We were there alright! There must have been well over a dozen of us at one point, although numbers varied as some wandered off to look around the museum or arrived late or left early. We were in the corner near the doors leading outside. Look for a bunch of chatty women. If you would like us to look out for you next time, e-mail us at outinyorkshire at yahoo dot com

  5. Christine said:

    I have just been looking at the site and it seems very interesting. My partner and I have a 2 year old, could someone let me know if there are any other parents with chidren attending the groups at all.
    Thank you

    • At the moment no-one brings any children. But one of our initial ideas was that if someone wanted or needed to do so we would be able to accomodate it. That’s partly why we have our Sunday afternoon meetings in the Musuem coffee shop.

  6. Carol said:

    Made it this time – I really enjoyed myself its a lovely group very welcoming. See you next Sunday X

  7. Krystel said:

    Hey ladies,

    I picked up a flyer the other day on something called “The Other Guide”, not sure if you’ve heard of it? It’s a website that’s due to launch on 7th May, and described as “Yorkshire’s definitive guide to what’s on, events, listings and information on lesbian and bisexual women’s interests”. It also offers to advertise local relevant events/ organisations/ businesses, so I thought it might be worth informing them about OiY. What do you think?

    • As you said, the website’s not up yet, but they’re already active on Facebook if people want to take a look.

  8. Sounds like a space where I could flourish. We need this in Yorkshire!!!

  9. Anonymous said:

    Hi I’m just in the process of re locating to the area….I hope to meet you soon!!

    • ally2011 said:

      Excellent! It’s great in West Yorkshire, sun shining, everyone’s happy! Our next event is a trip to Tropical World at Roundahay Park on 16th June, so come get to know Leeds and some people at the same time.

  10. Couldn’t make today, but def up for future meets :) x

  11. Laura Ghafoor said:

    I really want to get involved with the group… I’m guessing the next meet is the start of August? Is there anything before then?

    Hope to hear from you soon :)

    • Leeds Pride is on the first Sunday in August, so that’s where we’ll be! You can find us on the steps of the Town Hall at about 1.30.

  12. Steph said:

    hi when and where are your meetings? Id really like to come x

  13. Emma said:

    Im looking forward to joining the next event you guys have. It will be nice to meet some like miinded women- have a great time at pride everyone

  14. Yorkie said:

    Do you have any events coming up, all of the post look a little old – I hope you’re still going strong I would really like to come along :-)

  15. Jas P said:

    Hey, I’m Asian, just wondering if I’d be accepted in this community, yes I know I sound stupid, but this is what I feel, I am genuinely curious to what people think about asians being in a lgbt community? I hope to get some honest replies :)


  16. Georgie said:

    Hi i wondered about joining your group, is there an age limit to this group thoug, im 14 and i think im a lesbian, is there any other girls my age at the group? Thank you!

  17. georgie said:

    hi guys is there an age limit to your group, im 14 and i think im a lesbian and want to meet others my age who are like me. is there any other girls arround my age that go to the group at the moment? please help me.

  18. Heather said:

    Hi, just found your web site whilst searching the web for a way to meet other women. It says that the group is for transgender women too, and I am one of those – male to female for 5 years now. Do you have any trans women that attend and would I ‘fit in’ if I came along to one of your meetings at the Museum in Leeds?

  19. Vicky said:

    I’m looking to make new friends around Leeds, my girlfriend has a social group she’s always out with and i’m sat in on my own :( be nice to get to know some new people and have a social group of my own! lol
    Not good with meeting new people in person though!


  20. SHEILAH. said:

    I just moved to leeds a few months ago and i have been so lost,but hopefully if i join this group i will find myself again,please email me of all your activities and when you meet.Hoping to hear from you soon.

  21. Hey girls! what a lovely idea for a group :) how do I go about meeting you all at the quiz night? do I just turn up? x big loves

  22. Anonymous said:

    Hi Jem. Yes just turn up and join us. It will be a fun night. Look forward to meeting you.

  23. Debs said:

    I’ve just come out as bisexual to a couple of close friends. I have had relationships with men all my life but I know now that I would like a relationship with a woman as my relationships with men have never felt “right” if you know what I mean. I would love to meet likeminded women but I work shifts/weekends so I can’t always make the events that you advertise. It would be good to talk to someone in the same situationas myself. I have occasionally gone out with a couple of male friends to the gay scene in Leeds but I’m not really into the “scene”. I am quite shy, so as soon as an event is advertised on here that I am available to attend I will be asking for a friendly face to meet me beforehand! I look forward to meeting you all :-)

    Debs x

    • Helen said:

      Hi Debs, good to read your post, like you I have just started to come out and have told a few close friends and like you I too have never felt “right” with men and have some what pushed my sexuallity away to to pioint I cannot do so anymore and would like to meet a nice lady and some good friends. Im going along to the next Coffee and Coversation @ the gallery on the 4th Nov. If you want to meet before you go in then by all means meet me out side and we can go in together. Just let me know. Helen

      • Debs said:

        Hi Helen, I’ve only just received this in my inbox today – I was unable to come to Leeds on Sunday as I was working. Is the next meeting 2nd December? If it is I should be able to come to that as I’ve got that weekend off, so it would be good to meet up. You can find me on FB I’m not sure if I’m allowed to put my FB address on here or not, but it’s Debra Newby (Debra Robinson). If I’m not allowed apologies to admin if they have to remove this. It would be good to share experiences with likeminded women :-) Debs

  24. Anonymous said:

    I’ve met with OIY a few times at Leeds Museum cafe and joined them at Leeds Pride. I live out in Scarborough though and would like to get over some more but the travelling is too much for one day. So I wondered if there are any members who would put me up overnight after a cafe-meet or other event? Tamara or her partner could vouch for me! Thanks

    • Debs said:

      Hi, I live in Bradford and have room for someone to stay over on the rare occasion I would be able to attend the Coffee and Conversation, I only get one weekend off in three and haven’t managed to get to a meet yet, as I’ve only just come out and recently found out about OIY. I’ve put my FB address on comment above if you would like to get in touch. Debs

      • vivienne said:

        Hi Debs and anyone else who lives in the Bradford area. Please, check out the equitypartnership web site and join us.

  25. Helen said:

    Hi Debs, good to read your post, like you I have just started to come out and have told a few close friends and like you I too have never felt “right” with men and have some what pushed my sexuallity away to to pioint I cannot do so anymore and would like to meet a nice lady and some good friends. Im going along to the next Coffee and Coversation @ the gallery on the 4th Nov. If you want to meet before you go in then by all means meet me out side and we can go in together. Just let me know. Helen

  26. z e n a k a r g b o said:

    hi i am wanting to meet new people in Leeds. when is the next meeting? thanks zena

    • ally2011 said:

      Hello. We normally meet on the 1st sunday at Leeds museum cafe. However, we’re giving ourselves a break for jan. Instead, if you keep an eye out here, we may post an alternative night out later in the month. Otherwise, the next meet-up is the 3rd Feb.

      • z e n a k a r g b o said:

        hey. I can’t make a Sunday . I will keep an eye out for events January. thanks zena

  27. Anonymous said:

    Hi i’m new to the huddersfield, recently single and looking to make new friends. any events coming up? tracy

    • ally2011 said:

      Hi Tracy, we have a monthly mmeet up at Leeds Museum in the 1st Sunday and then ofen something mid month. This time it;s at Outlaw’s Yacht Club on the 20th.

  28. Amelia said:

    Hi ladies, I was wondering what kind of age range you guys have turning up to the meet ups? I’m almost 19 and would really like to meet people like me.

    • Hi Amelia

      The age range is quite broad. I think when we started it tended to be older rather than younger, but in more recent times I think the balance has shifted to younger rather than older. It varies from meeting to meeting, and I don’t know that we have anyone of your age, but we certainly have women in their twenties come regularly.

    • Laura said:

      Hello Amelia,
      I’m 21 and I’d like to go as well (but I’m always a little nervous about social gatherings like this where I don’t know anyone!). Seeing as we’re of a similar age would you like to go together?

  29. maureen said:

    i would like to come to your next coffee meeting in april, i would like someone to meet me outside so i dont walk in by myself thankyou

    • Hi Maureen

      If you can get there at about 2, I can meet you outside. This would be the bit fronting onto Millennium Square, just beside the outside flight of stairs. I can wait by the glass doors that lead into the coffee shop. I have long hair and glasses.

      If you did have to walk in by yourself it would not be a big problem for you. Just look for a bunch of women sitting together. It is very unlikely you will see two such groups. If by chance there were two and you did go to the wrong one, they simply would not know what you’re talking about!

      See you Sunday


  30. Sarah said:

    Hi i was hoping to get some information that is up to date regarding meeting up with the group.. The last meeting i thought was every first Thursday in the month. Could u let me know when the next meeting is please i don’t know Leeds very well so if i have the information i can try to figure out where in going in advance. Thanks Sarah x

    • Years ago, when we were just starting, we did meet for a while on the first Thursday, and this information was put in Gay Leeds. We haven’t done that in literally years, and we’ve asked Gay Leeds to update their information, but they never have. We did have a more recent article on Gay Leeds, but when you search for Out in Yorkshire, it seems you still come up with the old one. You’ve found the website, so follow what we’re up to on here or on Facebook. Please ignore Gay Leeds, it’s completely out of date.

  31. First time at group on my own. Felt i could be myself and not out of place for the first time in my life. Thank you everyone

    • ally2011 said:

      We’re generally pretty laid back, and glad you enjoyed it. Hope to see you again soon.

  32. Hi, ive jhst movedto york and im looking forsome fun things to do! What sort of age range is there in this group?
    Kate =)

    • Hi Kate. The group has a varied age mix. We try to do different things mid month each month, anyone in the group can suggest what we do and depending on the event the age of who turns up can vary. The monthly coffee meetings have a mixed age range and everyone is very friendly. Hope you decide to join us.

  33. Kirsty said:

    Hi, I was wondering when your next meeting is? I would really like to come next time. Kirsty

  34. Anonymous said:

    hi when is the next coffee shop meeting please?

  35. Hi, so very glad I found this :) Just wondering when and where the next meetup is likely to be

  36. Hi, would love to get involved with the group. New to the Leeds gay scene so looking forward to joining

  37. Sarah said:

    Hi i really seem to love the idea of this group! Im a 21 yr old lesbian and seriously need to meet some like minded people who don’t think the world revolves around a bunch of Adams and eves. How can i join? And when’s the next meeting?

  38. Ali :) said:

    :) When is the next meeting n do u arrange any night out bar meet ups call lane end ect? :) Thank u x

    • This is something that needs to be sorted out. People have been finding it hard to get out on weeknights because of work the next day, while on the other hand one of our principal organisers is reluctant to do weekends because it is so crowded and she cannot stand up for very long. So we need to hear some comments on this. If you’re coming to our next Sunday afternoon meeting, start a discussion about it!

  39. Helen said:

    I’m Helen 26. Just wondering if younger members would like to arrange a fem night out in leeds? Would be better away from brigate tho please! Lol

  40. Alisha said:

    Hi sound great happy i found u ladys! I’v missed this months meeting! Is there a mid month meeting this month? Thank u

    • We didn’t get a mid-month meeting this month, Alisha. In fact there are some problems which we are going to have to sort out with that. But the first Sunday afternoon of the month meetings are still happening.

  41. Hi Sarah, you don’t need to join, just show up at one of the monthly meetings in the Leeds Museum Café!

  42. Hi :) do u have a facebook page? Or anyone know of any facebook page for girls in Leeds n west yorkshire? :) Thank u x

  43. Nathalie said:

    Hello, I’m 25, id love to join in but i think i’d be too nervous on my own! Perhaps a night where alcohol is involved for a bit of dutch currage :)

  44. Jennifer said:

    Hi! I notice that the last comment was left in 2011, I hope out in Yorkshire is still running coz I’m keen to meet other lesbian and bisexual women who are local to me. Although I do like a good bevy every now and then, I’m especially interested in the coffee afternoons and other sober events where I can chat to people without shouting over loud music.

    Can you tell me what events are taking place soon?

    Thanks so much for setting this up.

    Jen xxxx

    • Last comment left in 2011? What page have you been looking at? There’s a whole list of things down the side, click on the one at the top, that will take you to our last or even next event. Next gathering, Sunday 2nd.

  45. Jennifer said:

    Sorry I obviously didn’t scroll down far enough! I’m relieved to see some posts from December 2013! Phew!

    What latest events have you got planned?

    Looking forward to meeting new people :)

    Jen xxxx

  46. Alisha said:

    :) i want to arrange a night out starting with few drinks n meet up in skylounge n then head to greek st or call lane to dance the night away ect! Anyone game?

    • Hi Alisha, apologies for not seeing this earlier. The founders have been having hospital horrors recently which has put a dampner on, well, anything really! We hope to try and get back into an extra monthly social eventually, althouh they don’t always get a lot of interest.

  47. Hi I wanted to alert you to Polari Up North, an event taking place as part of this year’s Huddersfield Literature Festival.

    It’s on 8 March at the Byram Arcade in Huddersfield doors 7pm, and it’s the first time this award-winning LGBT event has ever been north of Watford. It includes authors Mari Hannah and VG Lee and tickets are just £5 (conc. £2.50).

    More info at

    Hope you don’t mind me posting here, just didn’t want anyone to miss out if it’s of interest, should be a good night and we’re really pleased to be hosting it.

    Michelle, Festival Director

  48. Anonymous said:

    Hi, I was wondering what age group you focus on? I’m in my 50s… Thanks

    • We have a wide variety of ages. Sometimes lots of women in their 20s, sometimes a lot of older women, sometimes a good mix. Being in your 50s is not going to be a problem.

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